3 Reasons Why the UniverSoul Circus is the #BestCircusEver

The UniverSoul Circus provided our family with complimentary ticks to the show, but all opionions are my own. And my opinion is, go see the show!

Ringmaster? Check. Clowns? Check. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls? Children of all ages? Yup. Got those, too. The UniverSoul Circus has all the traditional elements of the circus you grew up with–but this is no ordinary circus-it’s the #BestCircusEver.


Our family was invited to whip, nae nae, and hit the quan with the UniverSoul Circus at Brooklyn’s Aviator Field. We really enjoyed last year’s show, and were excited to see was new in 2016. We didn’t tell the 2Live Crew where we were going, but as soon as they saw the huge tent, they knew they were in for a treat.


Sure, all kinds of excitement happens under the big top. But trust me, you haven’t been to the circus until you’ve been to the UniverSoul Circus! The entire show was amazing, but these 3 moments make it the Best. Circus. EVER!  Seriously, y’all.

1. The UniverSoul Circus thrives on audience participation, so if you’re a stick in the mud, this ain’t the circus for you, boo.

Source: UniverSoul Circus

South African Ringmaster Lucky and his sidekick Zeke set it off for the kids with the Little Einsteins theme song–set to a trap beat. The party got poppin’ as the under 30 crowd showed us we definitely couldn’t do it like them, and then us 30 somethings got down to Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It,” because as Lucky reminded us, without the old school, there would be no new school.

Have you ever seen a soul train line at the circus? You will at UniverSoul! Giant beach balls, call and response, and audience volunteers are what make the UniverSoul Circus the most interactive circus in the world.

2. Since the UniverSoul Circus was founded in 1994, over 30 different countries have been represented under the big top.

The ladies of Chain Reaction, all the way from China, amazed us with their bicycle riding. Flipping, turning the handlebars while still pedaling, jumping from one bike to the other–we’d never seen anything like it!


As the applause died down, soca music filled the air. Our half Trinidadian, half Montserratian family began to bounce in our seats as Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez’s “True Lies” filled the air (the 2Live Crew loves Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann’s husband). Moko jumbies ran out into the ring, and it felt like we were on the Parkway for Labor Day! The Caribbean Callaloo dancers waved their Trini flags high as Shanika Callender and Jamal Walker  bent backwards under a flaming limbo stick.


Source: UniverSoul Circus

The 2Live Crew’s favorite act was the high flying men from Cuba who leapt into the air from a bar. Bounding into the air, they twisted and turned before returning to the same place on the bar.


Source: UniverSoul Circus

“Just like the circular ring in which it sits, UniverSoul celebrates cultures from around the world and brings them together under the big top,” said the circus’ Founder and CEO Cedric Walker.

3. There’s lions, and tigers, and…flying motorcycles. 

As the giant beach balls bounced through the crowd, we heard the sounds of motorcycles revving. Out of nowhere, a motorcycle shot into the air!


Source: UniverSoul Circus


The motorcycle crew from California did handstands, back flips and all kinds of stunts, hundreds of feet in the air above the audience. ON MOTORCYCLES. Mo. Tor. Cycles! I can barely text and watch Scandal at the same time, and these guys were operating heavy machinery while doing back flips. They were my absolute favorite part of 2016’s show, and were even more death defying than the motorcycles in a cage we were awed by last year.

The UniverSoul Circus is performing in Brooklyn, NY through April 24th, and then moves on to Queens, NY through May 15th. You can also catch the show all Spring long in Newark, NJ, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Kansas City, MO, and Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, OH.Purchase tickets at Ticketmaster, and have a great time at the #BestCircusEver!

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