Six Crazy Thoughts I Had During Box and Flow

During #BlogHer17 weekend, Dani and I talked about holding each other accountable on our fitness journey. We were both super pumped and excited, and she suggested that we meet in the hotel gym and work out at 5:30am.

Yeah, no.

But since I am trying to get in some kind of shape and live a healthier life, I decided to try a new workout when I got home–and I dragged Julian, the talented designer behind The House of Moruka, along with me.

Box and Flow encourages you to flow through the fight and fight through the flow in a dark Noho studio. A blend of boxing and yoga, the vigorous workout lasts for an exhausting 55 minutes. We got our heart rates pumping with a quick 8 minute shadowboxing warm up, followed up with 9 powerful rounds on the heavy bag, and then cooled down with 18 minutes of challenging yoga stretches–it was intense.

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As we moved through the class, tons of thoughts ran through my head.

1. This is gonna be fun.

I was really excited to try boxing for the first time. I’d done cardio kickboxing before, but had never put in any work on a bag. As Julian helped me wrap my hands, I had visions of floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. I was gonna be like Diana in Girlfight. Like J. Lo in Enough. Like Mike Tyson, before the whole Holyfield thing.

2. Wait, am I jabbing or crossing?

Our Box and Flow instructor Caitlin explained the basic jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, but once we got going, things went a little crazy. I was trying to jab in time to DJ Khaled’s voice while making sure my form was correct. I’d get it and then lose it and then get it again. Caitlin had to come over and guide me a few times. Before going to class, get familiar with the basic moves.

3. Sh!#t.

So right here’s where it started getting tough, okay? We’re punching the bags like Ali in his prime, and I started to feel all the work I was putting in. My arms felt heavier and heavier. My stomach was tighter. I could feel the beads of sweat rolling down my back–but I definitely felt stronger.

I realized I was no Floyd Mayweather. Check out my review of Box+Flow. #flowthruthefight Click To Tweet

4. There’s more? Sh!#t.

This is a fifty five minute class. 55. Fifty. Five. After pummeling the bag with all I had, I realized I was no Floyd Mayweather and had to guzzle water. Hydrate before and during class–’cause you’re definitely gonna need it.

5. Ohhhh, I get it. Fight through the flow.

Caitlin led us through a series of restorative yoga poses. We stretched our tired muscles through downward dog, tabletop, and warrior. It was yoga, but it was hardcore. We clasped our hands behind our backs and leaned backwards with our eyes closed. “This is where you transform,” Caitlin’s voice rang out over the speakers.

6. Wow.

I was completely drenched in sweat and felt like I should collapse on my yoga mat in corpse pose for a few hours. But I felt different. Stronger. More aware. Changed. Kinda hungry, too.

Box and Flow taught me to push through the mental blocks and keep going. In an interview with, Box and Flow’s creator, Olivia “Liv” Young, described her workout by saying, “Box + Flow is about finding your fire, your fight, your “will to win,” and “want for more.” It’s about realizing your potential and then letting it flow. The idea of bringing mindfulness to the fight is all about channeling your inner fight and flow. It’s important to ask yourself why you fight, what you are fighting for, as well as what AREN’T you fighting for. We want to bring some mindfulness to the ideas of complacency and potential, and living versus existing. We want you to fight for what fuels you, and then let it flow.”

At different points during the class, Caitlin asked us to remember who we were fighting for.

I fight for my family. I fight for my children. I fight for all the women who haven’t found their voices yet.

And I fight for you.

Box and Flow is located at 55 Bond Street in NYC. Book a session through Class Pass or at

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  1. Iris
    July 8, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    This seems like the perfect exercise for me, I wish I had something like it near my home. But you never know, I may have to try it out just for the fun of it.

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