The #1 Thing I Learned from #BlogHer17

#BlogHer17, the largest social media conference for female content creators is over, and I’m kinda having withdrawal. For weeks, I stressed out over what to pack, how many business cards I needed, and how I could best connect with other creatives and brands. I was excited to see my favorite bloggers in person and to learn […]

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5 Hot Cups of Tea to Help You Chill Out

PTA meetings. Pumping at work. Waking up at 3am. Breastfeeding in public. Soccer practice. Common core math. Annual reviews. Pre-K applications. While being a mom is one of the world’s most rewarding jobs, it’s also one of the most stressful. Tea has been used for centuries in rituals, relaxation, and healing. Make your self care a daily ritual […]

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Healthy Moms, Healthy Families: The First Month with Dr. Deena Blanchard

The first weeks of motherhood–with their constant breastfeeding struggles, sleepless nights, and unending diaper changes–can stress any mom out. That’s why Dr. Deanna Blanchard, MD, MPH and her colleagues have teamed up to help moms in a convenient and accessible place–the pediatrician’s office. “No matter how many book you’ve read, nothing can quite prepare you […]

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