How to Completely Change Your Diet – Danii Oliver of House of Juice

Growing up, I didn’t know kale was a food. I thought it was the thing on the bar at Sizzler that made the food look pretty.”

Danii Oliver didn’t know why she didn’t feel well.

During the first few months of her pregnancy, her weight shot up, and before she knew it, she was almost 200lbs. She had always been active; dancing, swimming daily, and exercising with yoga–but she knew something wasn’t right. 

After learning  about high fructose corn syrup and eliminating it from her diet, Danii began looking closely at labels, reading books, and watching documentaries to learn more about her health. She knew there had to be a better way–and House of Juice was born.


House of Juice, located at 642 Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, is a community refuge. Nestled in between barber shops, beauty salons, and corner stores, the juicery  brings healthy options to the residents of Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Bartenders by trade, Danii and her husband, Kevin, began making smoothies and juices during Danii’s pregnancy. They found that they lost weight, had more energy, and Danii’s mood improved. They began uploading photos of their concoctions and recipes on social media, and the questions came pouring in.

The two debuted their healthy recipes at MGB Pops, a Brownsville pop up marketplace, and sold out of their popular “Purple Heart”–a blend of hibiscus, sorrel, apple, pineapple, lime, and  cayenne. Shortly after, they opened House of Juice in the up and coming neighborhood to share the information they had learned with their community.


A seasonal menu allows for  fresh local produce and organic ingredients,  creating a healthy and filling “meal in a glass,” and all produce goes through a rigorous cleansing process to ensure quality. There’s even a Nursing Moms Cafe menu especially for breastfeeding women. With flavors like Bananas and Cream, Cocoa Craze, and Honey Bun Jun (a honey based kombucha), the drinks are power packed with taste as well as nutrients. And, House of Juice brings the goodness right to your door, with deliveries to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. But it’s more than just juice. In addition to falafel buffalo bites, fresh soups and other vegan and Paleo delights, Danii and Kevin share their knowledge of juices, exotic ingredients, and taking care of the body. 


House  of Juice’s mission is to “change the landscape of what food looks like.” By providing nutrition advice, workshops and community events, such as the Feeding 1,000 Kids program, which aims to provide 1,000 children living in “food deserts” with healthy, organic food; Danii and Kevin are transforming their community, one glass at a time.


Stop by the House of Juice for a fresh, healthy snack! Join House of Juice each Sunday for Family Movie Afternoons, or grab a bite at their upcoming events.

All pictures courtesy of House of Juice.

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