How To Make Every Morning A Mindful One

How do you start your day?

Do you hop out of bed, excited to greet another sunrise, or do you hit the snooze button 3 times before finally crawling out from under the covers? (Guilty.)

Whether you stumble to your Keurig or begin the day with downward dog at 5am, every morning can be a more mindful one.

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“Starting the day is life’s first opportunity,” says Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning. “To start the day with procrastination, which is what hitting the snooze button is, is to start with the day with resistance, we’re literally telling the universe ‘I know I say I want to create an extraordinary life and become the best version of myself, but not as bad as I want to lay here unconscious for 10 more minutes.’”

Start fresh and embrace the mindful moments in your morning to have a happier, healthier day.

Before getting out of bed, set an intention for your day.
Before getting on Twitter, before turning on the morning news–decide how you want the day to go. “I do a few deep breaths right in bed with my hands on my heart to connect with myself,” says mindfulness coach and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher Tejal V. Patel, creator of The Mindful Mama Experience. “I say this: ‘Universe, please allow me to be the best version of myself. What would you have me say? Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? Allow me to be safe, be patient, and have fun.”

This is something I’m trying to work on–hitting the snooze button means that my main intention is getting to work on time!

Hydrate your body and your mind.
Coffee is essential, but water is crucial. H2O helps keep our bodies and minds functioning. Starting your day with water helps flush out toxins, promote weight loss, increase energy, and keep your skin glowing. Drinking a gallon of water every day helps keep Gabrielle Union looking the same age as she did when she starred in Bring It On.

“…in my mid-thirties I started drinking a gallon of water a day. It’s made a tremendous difference with my hair, skin, and nails. Everyone is always like, ‘What did you do differently than everyone else? Why are you aging so slow?’ It’s something that everyone has access to and it not only helps with your beauty, it also helps with your fitness and digestion.”

If I’m not in a rush, I start my day with a mix of room temperature water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and honey.

Start your morning with mindfulness.
You don’t have to meditate to be mindful–the practice of mindfulness simply means being present in the moment. Notice the color of the bathroom wall, the smell of your coffee brewing, the drip of water in your bathroom sink. Repeat your morning mantra while you brush your teeth. Affirm yourself by speaking affirmations.

You can also start your day with inspiration from a holy book like the Bible or a life changing novel, like The Alchemist. What you read can set your thoughts for the rest of your day–so Facebook probably isn’t the best place to start.

During my commute, I read devotions by Our Daily Bread or The Unveiled Wife’s daily prayers on my phone.

As comfy as your bed can be, you’ve got to get up at some point. No matter how bad yesterday was, the morning gives us all a chance to begin again.

Start your day in a mindful way, and tell me if your mornings get brighter!

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  1. December 20, 2017 / 5:43 pm

    Thank you for sharing this important article with us. I didn’t realize how important mindfulness was until I started suffering from stress and anxiety and it was introduced to me by my therapist. Once you take a moment to just notice the rise & fall of your chest while breathing or stopping to smell that coffee brewing or just listening to it drip into the coffee pot it’s so wonderful, relaxing, and put a smile on your face. Anyway thank you so much for sharing this important topic with everyone.

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