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4a. 3c. 2b. No matter what the type, we all want healthier, happier hair. On her blog at, Shiraune (Rauney) breaks down the steps to achieve it. With product reviews, stories from her personal hair journey, and spotlights on other naturals, she helps women start the journey to healthier hair.

PhenomeMOMS are the mothers who go above and beyond for their families every day. They’re the moms with heart–the ones who want the best for their children, and are trying their hardest to give it to them. Each PhenomeMOM is a woman who is committed to doing her very best in her personal life and the lives of her family. I’m honored to bring you their stories–the ones that make you laugh, cry, and think about your own motherhood.

Sharing faith, family and natural hair care, Rauney’s tech-ing life to the next level–but that’s not what makes her a PhemoneMOM. Read more about what makes her a phenomenal mother below.

When did you become a mom?

November 2011 our precious baby girl was born! Our baby girl is our miracle baby. After being told by doctors and specialists that we would never have children, our hearts sank. Specialists told us our only option, short of a miracle, was adoption. So you can imagine, the tears of joy I cried (and screamed) when the pregnancy tests came back positive!

How has motherhood changed you?
Oh man, well for starters, she made me become a morning person. I remember loving sleep, but my body had to adjust to getting up earlier! I learned to look at the world differently, through the eyes of my daughter. Kids take everything literally, so I’ve learned to be extra cautious about what I say and do.


What do you love most about being a mom?
Is it too corny to say, “Everything”? I really do enjoy it, the good and the not so great. I’m more aware of my environment and love having this little munchkin shadowing me and copying everything I do. It’s hilarious at times and sometimes it makes me check myself. She’s making me better!


I love watching her grow and develop and learn new things. Her reaction to thunderstorms was funny! She got excited about the lightning flashing and kept saying, “Mommy, Daddy look! Look! So cool!” The things we think are no big deal, kids think are the most fascinating things. That is always fun to watch.

It feels good to teach her new things and see her actually ‘get it’. The look on her face when she says, “Yay, I did it!” does my heart well. This beautiful little creation that I’ve been blessed with is brilliant….a chip off the ol’ block!

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