Prepare for Takeoff – Your Toddler’s First Flight

This summer, families across the globe will take to the skies for vacations, reunions, and warm weather fun.

Flying can make anyone nervous–especially the first time. The 2Live Crew, ages 3 and 5, will take their very first flight when we travel to the Caribbean this month. Here’s how we’re getting them prepared for takeoff–and how you can get ready for your toddler’s first flight.

We took a trip to the Cradle of Aviation museum, where the boys learned about the history of air travel. They saw pilot and air hostess uniforms, sat in the cockpit, and got to relax in seats from a real airplane. Visit the Cradle of Aviation on Long Island’s Museum Row, or check out your city’s Aviation museum to learn more about flying.

Grandma lives near one of the city’s major airports. The boys have gotten used to hearing the sounds of planes overhead, and have even seen a few in flight when they visit. Take your toddler to the airport to watch the planes take off.


The 2Live Crew got a Lego airplane set for Christmas, and have been reading Donald Crew’s “Flying”. We’ve also checked out a few YouTube videos about flying and the airport. Involve flight in your child’s everyday learning with books, toys, and educational videos. If you’re traveling somewhere new, look for books about your destination.

Although flying can be scary, it doesn’t have to be.Talk about your travels so that your toddlers know what to expect. You can get ready for your trip at home by using a little imagination. Play “airport” and pretend you’re going through security–use the doorway as the metal detector, and a cardboard box and towel as the x-ray machine. “Scan” your tickets and passports at the gate. You can even practice packing your suitcases.

Are you traveling this summer? How are you getting prepared for your toddler’s first flight?

No in-flight WiFi? Next week, I’ll be sharing the 2Live Crew’s technology free airplane busy box, inspired (again!) by my awesome friend Danielle at Mamademics. (Seriously, she’s amazing.)

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