Prepare for Takeoff – Travel Activity Kits for Toddlers

Family vacations. It’s the time when families get together to make memories. To share an amazing experience. And to drive mom crazy by asking, “are we there yet?”

When our family traveled, my source of entertainment was a Gameboy I shared with my little brother and the latest Babysitter’s Club book.

Times have definitely changed.


The 2Live Crew is gearing up for their first flight to the Caribbean, and I’ve been gearing up ways to keep them entertained for the length of our 4 hour flight. After seeing Danielle’s toddler road trip box for her son Sesame on Mamademics, I shamelessly copied her idea and put together these in-flight travel activity kits for my busy boys.

Although grandma has already bought them each a tablet, and Jet Blue offers tons of DIRECTV options at each seat (including Disney Junior, Nick Jr and ABC Family), I wanted to bring different options for the boys to keep them from becoming those kids.

Check out for tips from Caribbean moms on keeping children on their best behavior in the air.

While we’re soaring at 35,000 feet, the 2Live Crew will open their travel activity kits and:

Color in their Play Packs and coloring books.
Target’s dollar spot had these cool Grab & Go Play Packs featuring the boys’ favorite cartoon characters. They each come with a pack of crayons, coloring pages, and stickers. We’ve used them during church services to ward off boredom.


Triangle shaped Crayola crayons will keep them from rolling off of the airplane tray tables and under the feet of our fellow travelers.



Play with transportation themed toys.
The boys love playing with things that go. A planes, trains, and cars magnet playset will keep them busy and get them excited about our trip. It’s got three pages of magnets that they can stick on the inside of the tin.



Get hands on.
Play-Doh is great for squishing and using their imaginations. I’m throwing in a Play-Doh party pack in their favorite colors (although The Emcee’s favorite color has changed every day this week).

Make use of grandma’s gift.
Their tablets come loaded with kids’ activities, but they won’t disturb their cabin mates (or their eardrums) with headphones made for little ears. Volume limiting headphones lower the audio on connected devices to about 80% of the max volume– a full 20 dB lower to protect their little ears.


Snack on healthy stuff.


Source: Plum Organics

Plum Organics was nice enough to send over some healthy snacks for the 2Live Crew! All Jet Blue flights provide snack options like Terra Blue Chips, Keebler® Elf Grahams, and Skeeter™ Nut-Free chocolate chip cookies, but Plum’s whole grain Mighty Sticks, Jammy Sammy sandwich bars, and Mashups applesauce are all organic and made with fruits and vegetables.


And drink in style.
Jet Blue offers orange, cranberry or apple juice, but sometimes the boys don’t hold their juice boxes “by the wings.” Did you know about this cool parenting hack? To keep them from spilling on their clothes, we’re using Zak’s Tritan bottles. I don’t know about your kids, but mine have never met a straw they couldn’t destroy.


Exhibit A.

These reusable bottles are practically unbreakable, because they’re made from shatterproof Tritan! The flip top spout is tough against biting, so the boys won’t be able to chew them up, and they’re easy to clean.


And of course, grandma will be just down the aisle.

Have you made travel activity kits for your children?

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*This post contains affiliate links. Your purchase helps to fund and support the 2Live Crew’s education. We received healthy snacks from Plum Organics and unbreakable Tritan bottles from Zak, but I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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