The #1 Thing I Learned from #BlogHer17

#BlogHer17, the largest social media conference for female content creators is over, and I’m kinda having withdrawal.

For weeks, I stressed out over what to pack, how many business cards I needed, and how I could best connect with other creatives and brands. I was excited to see my favorite bloggers in person and to learn how to take my writing to the next level.

Dani picked me up from the Orlando airport and we headed to Hilton’s Bonnet Creek hotel, where over 2,000 wives, moms, and women had gathered for #BlogHer17.

There were sessions featuring leaders like Chelsea Clinton, Joy Reid, and Janet Mock. Serena Williams and her baby bump shared video fron the Purple Purse campaign and taught us how to be our best selves. Luvvie Ajayi gave us inspiring tips about her blogging glow up–Shonda Rhimes is developing a  cable comedy series based on  Luvvie’s “I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual “–and I even got a judgey pop!

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 I walked the # BlogHer17 Expo hall and chatted with reps from Best Buy and the CDC, saw a falcon up close at the Medieval Times booth, and chowed down on Bob Evans’ mashtinis.

I sat in on workshops that encouraged me to share my personal story in order to help other moms. I learned how to plan my daily schedule and my future goals with planners and vision boards.

#BlogHer17 was a weekend filled with information to help grow my blog, build relationships, and increase my income–but the most important takeaway for me was only a few minutes long.

On Friday morning, author, artist, digital strategist, yoga and reiki teacher Ananda Leeke delievered calm to the BlogHer stage. She asked us to close our eyes and breathe deeply. To be mindful of the current moment. To be aware of the here and now. To place our hands over our hearts and connect with ourselves.

Before turning to light work, Ananda was a  corporate lawyer and investment banker. She found herself in the midst of a busy corporate setting, suffering from panic attacks caused by the pressures she faced with each step of her career. A meditation group helped her to cope and find her true purpose.

Ananda’s soothing voice urged us to continue breathing. As I took in each breath, I felt more and more peaceful. I realized that although I was surrounded by thousands of women from across the country and almost every walk of life, we were all gathered at #BlogHer17 recognizing the same purpose. All experiencing the same present. All listening to our inner wisdom.

Breathing deeply places you in the present moment. It resets your inner compass and sets you back on your rightful path. It awakens your awareness of your blessings. Ananda described it as a reset button to center our authentic selves.

I put my phone back in my purse. I knew the next two days would be filled with Facebook posts, insta stories, and witty tweets–but for just a little while, I lived in the moment.

Find out more about Ananda by listening to her Thriving Mindfully podcast, and following her on social media at @anandaleeke on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. July 14, 2017 / 2:03 am

    Loved reading your BlogHer recap. Thank you for mentioning me. Affirming your highest good.

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