PhenomeMOM Lainie

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Once upon a time in a land not so far away… For Lainie Gutterman, a former publicist turned stay at home mom, fairy tales do come true. The NYC mom of two spreads the word about new products, activities and events on her blog at PhenomeMOMS are the mothers who go above and beyond […]

PhenomeMOM Mitchiko of 9 TwentyOne

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From Japanese 美 (mi) “beautiful”, 智 (chi) “wisdom, intellect” and 子 (ko) “child”. 美千子, Mitchiko embodies the meaning of her name. With a bright smile and an open heart, she shares stories about her life and family on her blog, 9 twentyone. PhenomeMOMS are the mothers who go above and beyond for their families every […]

PhenomeMOM Mrs TDJ


Some women have such a warm spirit that you can feel it through a computer screen. Mrs TDJ is one of those women. I discovered Taya’s blog almost ten years ago, and was immediately drawn to her huge smile and relatable writing. She shared the most incredible stories about her fear of “evil azz cats”, […]