PhenomeMOM Natasha of Lovely You Blog

Being a mom doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of style. On the Lovely You Blog, Natasha shares her top tips on faith, fashion, and family. The stylish mom of fourĀ and engineer homeschools her children andĀ maintains an online boutique. You’d think she’d be tired, but you’d be wrong. Natasha is also a licensed natural […]

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PhenomeMOM Joyce Brewer of Mommy Talk Show

An an Emmy award-winning TV journalist, Atlanta mom blogger and parenting talk show host walk into a bar…except they’re all the same person. It sounds like the beginning of one of those jokes, but mom Joyce Brewer is all of those and more. The video expert, vlogger, brand ambassador, digital media consultant, freelance writer, e-book […]

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PhenomeMOM Chardae of Lioness Dae

Motherhood doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sure, there’s lots of information out there when you’re pregnant–from books to hospital classes–but nothing really prepares you for that moment when you take your new baby home. On her blog at, new mom Chardae takes moms through her pregnancy and new mom journey with helpful tips. […]

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PhenomeMOM Toni of Twilli Media

Would you take a 6-week trip to change your life? Six months after separating from her husband, Toni quit her job, put her furniture in storage, and took a journey across the country with her three children to figure it all out. “That road trip taught me to abandon the life that I thought I […]

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PhenomeMOM Rauney of Geeky Coils

4a. 3c. 2b. No matter what the type, we all want healthier, happier hair. On her blog at, Shiraune (Rauney) breaks down the steps to achieve it. With product reviews, stories from her personal hair journey, and spotlights on other naturals, she helps women start the journey to healthier hair. PhenomeMOMS are the mothers […]

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