Memorial Day, the Healthy Way

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of BBQ season. Out come the grills for sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, and plump all-beef franks–but what if you’re trying to eat healthier this holiday? Whether you’re getting ready for bikini season or have vegetarian guests, your Memorial Day menu doesn’t have to be a bore. Here’s a guide […]

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Could Acupuncture Help You Have A Baby?

She takes another test out of the box. “Maybe this time,” she thinks. Holding on to her last bit of hope, she waits. She takes a deep breath, and waits for the two pink lines that will change her life. For approximately 6.1 million women each year, the pink lines may never come. One in […]

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Your Weird Pregnancy Cravings, Explained

J. Lo wanted salsa, M&M’s, and orange soda. Victoria Beckham needed smoked salmon. And Britney Spears? Well, she just wanted dirt. From watermelon and hot Cheetos to popcorn dipped in chocolate pudding, pregnancy can bring on some weird cravings. With my first, it was Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits. I asked moms on Facebook about […]

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